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TH March Withstands Digital Modification With The New Bloc

UK’s leading jewellery insurance broker TH March has partnered with security software solution Novidea to implement the latter’s cloud-based, data-driven insurance strategy.

The Novita platform will alter TH March’s operational efficiency, managing customer journeys from end to end for both high-volume, personal lines and large retail risks placed into the London market. It will feature an integrated customer self-service portal allowing March Plus customers to govern all aspects of their insurance securely online, including policy evidence, mid-term adjustments, claims, and revivals.

Currently, most of TH March’s jewellery insurance products are organized by its call centre; roughly a third are managed via online enquiries. The Novita platform will invert this, coursing two-thirds through its online portal and one-third by the call centre, giving the insurer’s skilled team time to focus on high net worth and more complex accounts while standardising customer knowledge.

“We selected Novidea as we were keen to work with tomorrow’s technology. Looking ahead, Novidea’s cloud-based customer service portal will give us the perimeter to ensure we retain our market-leading position by lending both our lines and business customers a much-enhanced customer experience and more efficient service, which is so important in today’s on-demand world,” said Andrew Alcock, chief operating officer of TH March.

Novita managing manager for UK Ben Potts said that the insurance market has historically been encumbered by legacy systems both difficult and expensive to update.

“Today, forward-looking industries like TH March are increasingly moving to cloud-based platforms that enable them to automate processes, lessen costs, add agility, and boost customer service standards,” Potts said.

Novita has also partnered with insurance software architect Polaris to further facilitate TH March to offer major customers a one-stop shop for all their insurance needs.

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