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Applied AI Summit in Texas

Visa, LinkedIn, AT&T and Facebook to Present Latest AI applications at Applied AI Summit in Texas

Re.Work’s 4th global Applied AI Summit is all set to bring together an international audience of industry experts, entrepreneurs and technical specialists from organizations like Visa, LinkedIn, AT&T, Facebook and more to discuss the latest AI applications in business and society. The event will be hosted on 21 & 22 May 2020 in Texas along-side an inaugural AI for CPG Summit specifically focusing on the CPG sector with key aspects including computer vision, image analysis & targeted marketing.

The Annual Applied AI summit will discuss opportunities and challenges of applying AI tools & techniques across varying industries inviting Real-life AI applications, case studies, business insights & results from leading companies leveraging AI to solve problems in enterprise. Over the two-days, the summit provide attendees an overview of future trends in the AI landscape to understand how ML & DL will impact your industry resulting into creation of new business opportunities.

Garnering both theoretical and actual applications of AI technology, the event will host extraordinary speaker panel consisting global experts from industry leaders, startups and researchers sharing insights, expertise and the latest advancements from the lab to industry and society. The event will also facilitate a cross-industry mix of attendeescoming together to learn, collaborate, exhibit and recruit in an interactive setting.

The summit agenda will crowd 15 min presentations on emerging technology & real-use applications; fireside chats with founders; product & technology demos, and round-table seating for discussions with over 400 attendees and 12+ hours of networking sessions. In addition to networking platforms, the event will help you delve deeper into specific topic areas for a more hands on, discussion based experience allowing a chance get answers to your business related questions.

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