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Connected Customer Summit

Connected Customer Summit encompassing 3 stages – Experience, Voice, and Contact

Date: 18 May 2020

Venue: Business Design Centre, London

Conference Overview:

Customer perceptions, interactions and expectations have been subject to incredible change over the last decade, and it’s just getting started. With technology now deeply woven into the fabrics of society, it is the responsibility of businesses to stay atop all the innovation surrounding their customers.

At Connected Customer Summit, organisers have built an agenda alongside the change-makers who’ve disrupted their industries, and the organisations who’ve forged new paths in struggling sectors. Encompassing 3 stages – Experience. Voice. and Contact. join 500+ attendees from 300+ of the world’s biggest, most innovative brands – get your ticket and join the customer revolution. 

The summit will host three stages.

Experience – Stage is not just looking at today’s limitations and not just here to plaster the holes in your current CX; but show you how to reinvent your customer strategy to enact actual, fundamental change – not just for today, but for the next thirty years.

Voice – Stage explores the emergence of natural language technologies in the commercial world. With practical advice in the form of case studies, development stories and panels delivered by the people who’ve created leading chatbots and voice skills.

Contact – Stage discusses the latest in contact centre strategy and technology, propelling customer service into the future. Discover how to empower your agents in becoming ticket resolving magicians, uncover the impacts of AI, automation and data analytics.

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