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WTW Secures Major Research Partnership

WTW, through its Research Network (WRN), has announced a partnership with academic researchers Cullen Hendrix and Ida Rudolfsen to enhance its advisory services on climate change and its security impacts.

Hendrix is associated with the Peterson Institute of International Economics and the Center for Climate & Security, while Rudolfsen conducts research at the Peace Research Institute Oslo and Uppsala University’s Department of Peace and Conflict Research.

The collaboration will focus on examining the geopolitical implications of climate-related migration, resource conflict and nationalization, and water and food insecurity, with the aim of quantifying their effects on businesses.

“Meeting humanity’s needs for food, water, and energy are not the defining challenges of our times – they’re the defining challenges of all times,” Hendrix emphasized. “These challenges must be addressed continuously to achieve any other goals.

“With climate change adversely affecting global food systems and necessitating a shift away from fossil fuels, we are faced with significant opportunities and risks. This is unfolding during an era of rising geopolitical tensions. I am proud to partner with WTW, a global leader in insurance markets and risk modeling, to help clients navigate this complex landscape.”

Rudolfsen, who will offer insights on the connections between food insecurity and conflict, is also enthusiastic about the collaboration.

“I am happy to contribute my expertise to WTW’s efforts and look forward to advancing our understanding of these complex issues within the current political landscape.”

Graham Knight, WTW’s global head of natural resources, added: “As we support clients in their risk management strategy, the availability of natural resources such as water and critical minerals, and the resulting strategic competition around green technologies, are key considerations.

“Access to authoritative research is crucial for supporting our advisory and placement services, and we look forward to leveraging these partnerships for the benefit of our clients.”

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