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Willis & Company Group declares rebrand following the rapid development

Belfast-headquartered Willis & Company Group has today revealed it has formalized its hierarchy and rebranded as the WF Risk Group Limited (WFRG). The move arrives in the wake of the firm’s significant growth and growth via several acquisitions in new years.

WFRG is made up of numerous companies and has a total of eight offices, with almost over 140 members of staff, operating in key towns and cities across the UK and Ireland encompassing London, Hull, Leeds, Dublin and Southampton. These corporations include Willis Insurance & Risk Management, Kennett Insurance Brokers & Risk Management, Kennett Brokers Ireland DAC, Arden Insurance Brokers and Playle Russell Specialist Risks & Thatchline. The group also owns the underwriting company, Generation Underwriting Management.

In a Press discharge, WFRG reported that its accession to these brands has enabled the group to encounter fast-paced growth and develop a powerful foothold in the market which has thereafter led to huge increases in GWP.

Discussing the rebrand, Richard Willis, managing director of WFRG said the committee was delighted to declare the restructure and subsequent rebrand. The firm had experienced a lot of expansion and growth, he said, driven by its accession of high-profile brands in key geographic locales. As a result, the group now serves clients on both a federal and worldwide scale.

“Each member of faculty sends their own unique set of strengths and aptitude to the table and I’m convinced that this will stand our clients in good stead going ahead,” he said. “The group may have altered its hierarchy and its brand but one thing that hasn’t altered is the fact that we are still very much a family run business and that importance will remain key to our business policy and culture in the future.”

Willis said he was very delighted about the future of WFRG and to see how the abilities of its staff associated with the firm’s hard-working ethos would create a full-service offering for clients. He accentuated that the group’s focus on offering clients the best feasible consumer service would begin again as would its search for opportunities for further growth in the future.

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